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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I'll have one BunlessBurger

Day 114: ( Cheers): To the end of Star testing for Lauren and a hectic week with my math exam today. Sorry momma Caren we needed a drink :) and she even treated me to a unsweetened passion tea!! So sweet.. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing my quiz and test are over and I have a few days to study for my next test ( logistics) the killa killa…
Anyone else in an overly happy mood today? I was talking everyones ear off this afternoon with my fried brain goofiness. Whats going on this weekend everyone? I’m thinking about heading out to the jazz fest so if you see me HIT me up. ( I accept non creepy hugs, hellos and tasty food offereings) Ciao baaaaby
#365daysofpictures #healthtomorrow #dentontx #nannygig

The mile high Thai from the Smiling Moose Deli. Lunch dates with @chcox038 always makes the day much brighter #dentontx #smilingmoose #wrap

With the warmer weather here my TBT is taking us back to the summer with my loves. A trying summer but an amazing summer and it’s amazing to see how they’ve grown in just a little under a year. Two beautiful young ladies for sure. #tbt #dentontx #healthytomorrow

Day 113:( Pizza anyone?) Today I finally got to see my best friend Aiyana and we tried out Pie five here in Denton. Most know I don’t eat pizza because it’s normally super greasy and the cheese can hurt my stomach, but oh man pie five was amazing! This place is kind of like papa Murphy’s but they cook it there for you. I love how you can build your own pizza or order ones they’ve created on the menu for 6.97. [ I had an artisan thin crust, tomatoes, light sauce, little cheese, chicken, mushrooms and spinach].This was enough for my lunch and dinner so the price is perfect for us college kiddos. It was such a beautiful day today. I put on a dress and walked to meet my bestie for lunch getting some vitamin D :). “friends are like stars. You my not see them but you know they’re there”. Aiyana is my closest friend and I am so happy that even after weeks of being busy and not having much face time we can pick right back up and laugh for hours. Love youuuu girly! ( handholdinggirlfriends forevva)
Ok I’m full now it’s time to study my night away for a math test tomorrow and then a logistics quiz. Wish me lunch :(

Mucho love #365daysofpictures #healthtomorrow #dentontx #piefive

Day 112:( Lets get Earthy) Happy Earth Day everyone. Today was a little warm but I loved being outside walking around campus. Today I received some exciting news that if life goes smoothly this will be such a great opportunity.
Great things to come I just know it . Never let a bad day or crappy person hold you down for too long. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just keep going. Mucho love
#365daysofpictures #healthtomorrow #dentontx #earthday

He was chatting it up and all I was thinking was. ” look at that braid tail he’s got going on” Ginger was so helpful and very quick to show up. #AAA #dentontx #flattire

I draw in logistics and he is snoring away.ZZZzz. Sorry mom this is one expensive doodling class #dentontx #logistics

I had grilled teriyaki chicken over broccoli and carrots from the bowellery for dinner. Such a great atmosphere and the food was amazing. #bowllery #dentontx #fresh

He is enjoying his girly smoothie and man it is a tasty smoothie :) #dentontx

Day 110:( Over three hours home and I finally see those UNT stadium lights) After a rough drive it’s always a relief when I see those dang stadium lights. I’m exhausted and will share my emotional rollercoaster of a week tomorrow when my brain is running properly and I have some time to really get my thoughts straight. Today has been great. It started out with blue sunny skies and the smiles and love was everywhere st my moms church. People that are genuine are hard to come across anymore so when you find them, keep them close and cherish them. We made it home after church and had a nice early dinner with some ham, sweet potatoes, salad, veggies and some deviled eggs which sure hit the spot…. Oh oh I can’t forget the angelfood cake with strawberries and whipcream.
Ha! I always load up when I come home clearing out her cabinets and filling my car with her weekly goods.. whoops but hey a girl gets hungry on that working college girl budget. Happy Easter everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day and all the texts and pictures I’ve received and seen on Fb have truly brought me joy. #365daysofpictures #healthtomorrow #dentontx #wacotx #Easter #Sundaylove

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