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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I'll have one BunlessBurger

Day 211:(“New York is the meeting place of the peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical American.”-Djuna Barnes)

It doesn’t matter where I’m at in New York there is always someone different doing something different from what I’ve ever seen before. This evening I’m watching a half naked flag twirler who occasionally gets on his unicycle for added entertainment. There is also a skateboarder doing some wild tricks including a handstand on his board and then we have several overly energetic homeless men who obviously have had way too much to drink under their shade tree.

My peaceful spot in the mornings quickly becomes a circus act with people from all over the world in only a few hours each day. It’s neat though, getting to interact with people here In New York. I feel that having that interaction is what’s missing for me in Texas when we drive everywhere and live further apart from each other. Interaction whether it be a smile, quick hello or having a full on conversation with a stranger is so much easier here with there being a mass number of people all located in a small area. It’s hard to resist my awkward goofy conversation start up, I know… I reel people in with my awkwardness and keep them as friends forever.

I’ve met some great people since being here and I’ve also met a lot of crazies, but what is “normal” anyway?
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Day 210:( Start each day with a grateful heart): Today started off rough with me waking up with stomach pains but I got up. I got ready and headed out the door before 7. I wasn’t going to sit around the dorm all day wasting this beautiful day, so I got the biggest iced coffee I could and ate breakfast at the park. After a little art session and people watching I headed home for a quick change before heading to Korea town just for one thing..Taro frozen yogurt, which I knew would settle my stomach so I could continue on my day. Before I knew it I was on 32nd street walking into Red Mango to load up on some fro. The staff is great and the girl even remembered me from the last time I was in there on my birthday.
I was loaded up feeling good and headed out to see this famous “Giant piano” at FAO Schwartz. I wanted to be the ultimate tourista today. It’s a toy store I understand but dang, there was toys upon toys all categorized sectioned off into different rooms. I finally found the piano on the second floor, but it wasn’t “The Piano”. Apparently someone broke it and they replaced it with a smaller version which was a bummer. I hit up the Hello Kitty room of course and just may go back and buy this NY hk for the hell of it.
After taking photos of everything I started walking and ended up in a different part of Central Park then what I had seen before. This part of the park was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L allowing me to relax for a few before coming into contact with my first rat since being in New York. Yuck! 
Today was great! I talked to so many strangers asking them about their day just seeing what some had to say because everyone has a story and sometimes they are just needing to share it with someone. You wouldn’t believe how deep two individuals got today with me. Both of which have been apart of my weekly schedule since being here in NY, but today both opened up and we connected on a whole new level. I am forever grateful for what these two people told me and it even allowed me to open up about my past as well. People are placed in your life for certain reasons and it just leaves me with that AH ha upbeat, excited feeling, ready to help more people around me after finishing up dinner this evening. If only you could feel this natural high I am currently feeling. Push out all the negative people and negative vibes and fill those spots with amazing people doing amazing things and life will become more colorful and things will just flow easier. We are all on a journey so it’s just fascinating to hear what other people are experiencing and going through as well. Try new things. Meet new people and just try and better yourself everyday. Open up. be vulnerable and just be there for people.
-Until next time
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Central Park… July 2014 #newyork #centralpark #beautiful

Fro yo always was always my go to for soothing my tums during the bad days. It’s one of those days so I walked 23 blocks to my favorite spot .#redmango #koreatown #froyo

Day 209:( How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.) I may not have had the best of days today but you know what? I’m pretty dang proud of what all I’ve accomplish this summer. I know I gave it my all and worked my ass off putting in the hours doing everything and then some that was asked of me. I did a lot in these few weeks and Bigger things are to come! If I can make it this far then I know anyone can with a little thought, time, patience and love you too can be anything you want to be. You make the day how you want it.
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Two federal agents have been shot in Manhattan, according to the NYPD.

There are unconfirmed reports a third person, possibly a police officer, has also been shot at the scene, near West 4th St. in the West Village.

Day 208: (A day reconnecting with and old friend while making a new one): This morning I had the chance to link up with my amazing friend Aiyana for some brunch at Jane’s. The place was a little fancy pantsy but we had a few laughs and chowed down before walking around a little. I tried chicken and waffles for the first time today so be proud! Wow this will never be a go to for me kind of like the fish & chips I had in London but the bite I tried wasn’t too bad. Chicken and waffles= weirdest combo ever from a girl who eats weird things but at Jane’s they plated it so eloquently that it was classy.            
            I’m now off to dinner. Tonight we are trying out Bareburger an organic burger type joint that is a bit of a walk but when the temp cools off this evening a nice walk home through the park will be the perfect thing to end the weekend off right. I haven’t stayed in close contact with a few of my Texas loves and I am sorry for that. I’ve been all over the place these past few weeks but things are finally slowing down and I can finally breath. Hit me up! I would love to chat.
( oh and my post never posted yesterday which is a bummer but oh well)
-Until next time

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Lunch: A grilled teriyaki chicken salad with almonds and a sweet sauce #Chinatown #partyofone #cuttingboard

It’s beautiful #newyork #adream

Sad day for us kiddos #nyu

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