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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I'll have one BunlessBurger

My woman crush Wednesday goes out to this lovely lady! Aiyana is my goofy other half and I met her when we went abroad to Paris/ London. She’s got the hard exterior tough girl side where she can roll with the boys, but she also has her girly side and sure knows how to dress cute! Aiyana is truly a unique individual and I am so so so proud of her. Come may 10th this lady will be a college graduate out in the real world rocking it! She’s will do amazing things I just know it and she will continue to keep life fun and simple for everyone around her. I love you bestie, youre my go to girl that I know will tell me straight without judgement. smart, fun, loyal, foodie,sweet and beaufiful…. I mean is there really Any negatives???? Xoxo #wcw #dentontx #bestie

Day 105( Just keep swimming): Happy Tuesday everyone was it a good one for you? Today was decent I would say. I finally realized that part of my unhappiness, stress and anger all has come from supposed friends and acquaintances currently in my life. People using me for my car, my money, information… You name it and I’m sure someone has asked. It’s so draining and uncomfortable to think “dang so do these people even really like me or care about me?” Some actions and words are done 
Without thinking and I understand that, but others are out for themselves not caring about others around them.
I’m complaining and making the losers of today  relevant when really I should be lifting and recognizing the truly inspirational people around me. My mom, my boss, a few of my professors, my best friend, classmates, the kiddos I nanny for and friends I stay in contact with through facebook/text messages  all inspire me to do great things even if it is on a small scale… Mwuah thank you all for being there for me and for being truly amazing. 
Shoot out some emails, texts, smilies, hugs and Heyyyyya maybe a few kisses To loved ones ;) Having love in your heart is way less stressful than spending time hating people. 
Wednesday I’m ready for you! Lets do this 
#365daysofpictures #healthtomorrow #dentontx

Day 104:( plain Jane simple and sweet) 42° in April was an ugly surprise this morning when I made my way to the library to work on a project. Yikes, no more cold weather please! Tomorrow we are under a freeze warning so we shall see how that goes.
support local and shop Denton bringing dollars back into our community! Check out this cool shirt I got at the farmers market:) 
Alright nothing big happened today so I’m plain Jane. * under the heat blanket enjoying some th before sleep. Tuesday’s stink but we make do.. Mwuah 
#365daysofpictures #healthytomorrow #dentontx

Round number two of my Rg burger leftovers = better than round number one. ( bake those fries and burger, crispy crispy) too much mustard was just consumed lol.
#dentontx #foodbaby #rgburger

RG burger Denton Tx. Best burger around! #dentontx #rgburger

Day 103: ( Life in color): Today I kicked butt and solved some problems on my logistics project! It sounds so stupid to be this excited but I’m not sure many of you understand how stressful this has been. 
After knocking out some of that I took a test and did well and then read another chapter in my book. Woot productive Sunday! Hurry up summer.
Today was an off and on rainy day but the sun eventually came out and everything brightened up. This evening we even had a beautiful sunset I was able to enjoy as I was heading home from the UNT fashion show. 
 Let me back track a little bit and just say dinner with allieb is always fun. We chew more than we talk but I love her to death and enjoy foodie Sunday’s with her.
RG burger is the best burger in Denton. ( Get the turkey burger and sweet potato fries)… Fat Sunday’s are always fun …right?
I headed home to chang and then made my way to the Gateway ballroom to cheer on a few classmates and one of our own strut models. Josh killed it this evening. La Vie en Couleur hosted by Merch Inc was a colorful fashion show and a fun one to attend. #365daysofpictures #dentontx #rgburger #MerchInc. #unt

La Vie en Couleur fashion show here at UNT. You here?? Don’t miss this amazing event held by Merch Inc. #unt #dentontx #fashionshow

Uhhhhh I think they knew I liked steamed veggies. #Jason’sdeli #wacotx #stuffed #foodbaby #savvychickensaladwrap

Day 102:(Austin roadtrippin ) : If it was Wednesday she would be my WCW. Ellyanna is someone I look up to. Yes she is 6’1 , but she is also such an amazing individual and one to model yourself after for sure. She’s a pro, she has that walk that makes jaws drop out of amazement but doesn’t have an ego following it. I knew at the call back that she was going to be my big sis in a sense and my go to for advice and help. Thanks girl! It’s crazy how much a like we are and I can’t wait to hangout more.
Today we made our way to Austin for a few hours to practice for the Austin Atlantis show coming up in may. May 10th everyone should come out and support. This will be a great show to attend and there will be loads of girls walking the show!!! On the way back of course I had to stop in and see momma for some good chat and good food…. Guess where we went?? Haha
Headed home.. see you soon Denton 
#365daysofphotos #strutmanagement #austintx #modeldreams #healthytomorrow

Day 101:( crazy eyes):  My eyes are burning , my body aches and I’m getting really goofy so that must mean I’m sleep deprived for sure.. 4am is a time I’m starting to really dislike. Sleeping in my bed, on the floor or on the couch doesn’t matter. I wake and I can’t stop the thoughts so I’m exhausted by noon.. Today I actually was able to go back to sleep until 630 however. Woot! It’s Friday and we’ve made it yet through another busy week. I’ve got two projects, a test and being really lost in my profit class on my mind but one thing at a time. One thing … One thing st a time
Tomorrow I’m headed to Austin for a practice session preparing us for an upcoming show in may! Top it off I get to see my family on the way back from Austin which is great. :) missing momma bear and I’m needing some home made goods… so hopefully she hooks it up… 
Oh man I’m so full. Lean turkey crumbles, sauteed veggies, cottage cheese and baked fries.  Yum
#365daysofpictures #dentontx #healthytomorrow #tired

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